Incantations function like spells, except a character need not be a spellcaster to cast them. Anyone can cast an incantation simply by performing the correct ritual gestures and phrases. Incantations don’t use spell slots, so they don’t have to be prepared ahead of time, and there’s no limit on the number of times one can cast an incantation per day. Since they do not use up spell slots, incantations cannot be improved using metamagic feats. Finally, incantations generally have more powerful, far-reaching effects than even 5th-level spells.

There is, of course, a catch. Incantations take much longer to cast than normal spells. Success with an incantation is never assured, and the consequences for failure can be dramatic. The most powerful incantations can require rituals involving multiple participants, strange or expensive material components, or other aspects that make them difficult to cast.

Discovering Incantations

Casting an Incantation

Failed Incantations


Baleful Polymorph
Body Double
Cast Into Shadow
Control Weather
Create Clone
Create Golem
Create Undead
Dedicate Site
Greater Dispel Magic
Mystic Veil
Quartz Compulsion
Satellite Tracking
Sigil of Algos
Sigil of Lyssa
Subjugate Outsider

Creating New Incantations

Seed Descriptions

Incantation Definitions

Seed: Aflict
Seed: Animate Dead
Seed: Armor
Seed: Compel
Seed: Conceal
Seed: Conjure
Seed: Contact
Seed: Delude
Seed: Destroy
Seed: Dispel
Seed: Energy
Seed: Foresee
Seed: Fortify
Seed: Heal
Seed: Life
Seed: Reflect
Seed: Reveal
Seed: Slay
Seed: Summon
Seed: Transform
Seed: Transport
Seed: Ward

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